Partner company: IoGyn, Inc.

Final acquirer: Boston Scientific


The Technology:

The Symphion System is a next-generation surgical system for hysteroscopic intrauterine tissue removal, including fibroids (myomas) and polyps. The Symphion device can non-invasively remove fibroids and polyps from within the uterine cavity, which affect an estimated two million women per year in the U.S. alone. It unites breakthrough fluid management, direct intrauterine pressure monitoring, and bladeless resection. Hysteroscopic removal of symptomatic fibroids and polyps is less invasive, and typically safer than common surgical approaches like hysterectomy, and is purposed to preserve a woman's ability to have children. 

The Symphion device uses a very thin probe which inserts a 6 mm scope into the uterine cavity through natural channels, with actual endoscopic examination and surgical processes carried out through the working channel within the scope. The Symphion device not only examines and cuts the abnormal tissue within the uterine cavity, but also coagulates tissues during surgery and removes the resected tissues.

Founding entrepreneur: Professor Zoltán Takáts

Partner company: MediMass Ltd.

Final acquirer: Waters Corporation


The Technology:

The iKnife, otherwise known as the Onkoknife or intelligent scalpel, is a surgical device that tests the tissue it contacts in the course of an operation, and immediately gives information as to whether that tissue contains cancer cells. During surgery, this information can be given continuously to the operating surgeon, enabling removal of virtually all cancer cells, while reducing the damage to nearby healthy tissue. Precise antimicrobial therapy can be initiated through knowledge of the bacteriological results obtained during surgery. The iKnife also provides greater safety than conventional instruments, and enables shorter and less expensive surgical procedures. 

The iKnife works by combining rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (REIMS), to identify biological tissue based on chemical composition, with an extraction system that removes tissue aerosols created as the electrosurgical knife cuts, through a Venturi tube in real time. This allows mass spectrometry analysis within a few tenths of a second, in a base unit running evaluation software developed specifically for this purpose.

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