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Our Capatibilities

We have deep expertise with chip-on-tip solutions, including accelerometers, as well as temperature, ToF, pressure and ultrasound sensors. We regularly use miniature cameras, LEDs, and lenses.

Throughout the years we worked on various tissue removal solutions, including mechanical cutting and  morcellation, radiofrequency ablation and electrosurgical technologies.

We design electronic circuit boards that incorporate microminiature components, convert image or sensor signals & realize different data transmission solutions. Our controllers ensure HMI, data storage, motor & fluid control, power supply functions.

We develop software for real-time data processing and visualization, to enable automated control functions, semi-autonomous or autonomous operation, and to support operator decision making.

We have deep experience in designing plastic and silicone molded components (balloons, gaskets, metal tube shielding, handles, etc.) in a variety of shapes and complexity, such as non-symmetrical, tapered, stepped, multi-channel parts.

We also develop and manufacture molding tools either 3D printed or AL, to support rapid iterations in R&D.

We have great experience machining, laser cutting and laser welding small diameter 304 and 316 stainless steel tubes, even with thin wall thicknesses down to 0.025 mm.

We are experienced in designing any mechanical movement, such as rotation, lifting, tilting, activation, sliding, cutting, holding, etc. in our handheld devices. 

These movements are operated by small, but complex mechanical connections to enable single-handed surgery. 

We design fluid management solutions for in-cavity visualization support and purging, with integrated waste management.  

We have experience in developing different type of medical pumps, and particularly peristaltic pumps with precise and adjustable flow control.

We use 3D printing for prototype development. These printed prototypes enable testing early in the development timeline, and the detection of design flaws that can be immediately addressed.