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6 Considerations for Selecting MedRes as Your Medical Device Manufacturing Partner

Selecting the correct manufacturing partner is a strategic decision in the medical device industry. Here’s why a partnership with MedRes could be advantageous for your manufacturing requirements:


1. Experience and Expertise

With 20 years in the medtech sector, MedRes brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. This experience translates into an understanding of the nuances and requirements of medical device manufacturing, providing customers with expert guidance through each project phase.


2. Quality Assurance and Compliance

The company upholds strict quality assurance standards and complies with relevant regulatory frameworks, ensuring the product is manufactured to the highest quality standards.


3. Scalability and Productivity

Our manufacturing scales to match project sizes and volumes, from design to full-scale manufacturing, accommodating both small and large volumes, enhancing productivity and reducing costs through continuous process optimization.


4. Flexibility

We understand the diverse needs of our clients, offering adaptable production systems that can efficiently manage projects of any size and complexity. This flexibility ensures efficient, fast, and waste-minimizing solutions, whether for modular or automated processes.


5. Cost-Efficiency

Strategically located in Hungary, MedRes presents a cost-efficient structure thanks to competitive labor costs and favorable tax conditions. Combined with in-house tool design and component manufacturing capability, we strive to offer cost-saving manufacturing options without compromising on quality.


6. Problem-Solving

MedRes is skilled at tackling supply chain challenges, addressing issues like limited in-house capacity, high production costs for small-scale production, the need for extra engineering support, and supply chain disruptions. Our approach aims to keep your manufacturing process uninterrupted and on schedule.



MedRes’s commitment to quality, combined with a  customer oriented and problem solving attitude serves an overarching aim: to provide you with a service that supports your product’s journey from concept to market in the most efficient, cost-effective, and flexible way possible.