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Contract development

At MedRes, we employ a rigorous development process to ensure that our devices meet the highest standards for safety and efficacy.

Our contract development services are tailored to the specific requirements of each project, and include ideation, design and concept development, prototyping, testing, engineering support for regulatory and clinical development processes, transfer to pilot production and volume manufacturing.

Contract development services

Ideation & design

We familiarize ourselves with your product idea, the specific clinical & market needs. We research target use cases and markets. We develop product concepts through continuous idea generation, testing & refinement cycles, until we reach a feasible solution. All this with close cooperation with you.

Product development

We analyze user and patient needs and design ergonomic and intuitive interfaces. We complete the development of your product taking into consideration Design for Manufacturing principles. We pay close attention to supply chain requirements in material selection & packaging design.

Clinical & regulatory compliance

We build your pilot units and support pre-clinical and clinical testing to meet applicable regulatory requirements. We compile evidence and support your regulatory submission in the EU or US.

Pilot production and manufacturing ramp up

We establish your fully documented and volume-capable manufacturing line. We develop and build product-specific manufacturing tools and equipment. We integrate your product into our existing supply chain solution.

Core competencies in product development

We have deep expertise with chip-on-tip solutions, including accelerometers, as well as temperature, ToF, pressure and ultrasound sensors. We regularly use miniature cameras, LEDs, and lenses.

Throughout the years we worked on various tissue removal solutions, including mechanical cutting and morcellation, radiofrequency ablation and electrosurgical technologies.

We design electronic circuit boards that incorporate microminiature components, convert image or sensor signals & realize different data transmission solutions. Our controllers ensure HMI, data storage, motor & fluid control, power supply functions.

We develop software for real-time data processing and visualization, to enable automated control functions, semi-autonomous or autonomous operation, and to support operator decision making.

We have deep experience in designing plastic and silicone molded components (for example balloons, gaskets, metal tube shielding, handles) in a variety of shapes and complexity, such as non-symmetrical, tapered, stepped, multi-channel parts.

We also develop and manufacture molding tools either 3D printed or AL, to support rapid iterations in R&D.

We have great experience machining, laser cutting and laser welding small diameter 304 and 316 stainless steel tubes, even with thin wall thicknesses down to 0.025 mm.

We are experienced in designing any mechanical movement, such as rotation, lifting, tilting, activation, sliding, cutting or holding in our handheld devices. 

These movements are operated by small, but complex mechanical connections to enable single-handed surgery. 

We design fluid management solutions for in-cavity visualization support and purging, with integrated waste management.  

We have experience in developing different type of medical pumps, and particularly peristaltic pumps with precise and adjustable flow control.

We use 3D printing for prototype development. These printed prototypes enable testing early in the development timeline, and the detection of design flaws that can be immediately addressed. 

Contract development

Flexible customer cooperation

We can support you at any stage of your product life cycle, starting together at ideation or joining the project at a later stage. We customize our product development process based on your need. We adapt each stage to your unique requirements.

Contract development

Customer first culture

From tight control to loose collaboration, you define the level of your involvement in project execution. Communication is key to success; therefore we always keep you up to date and proactively seek your input during the process. All your requests will be answered promptly.

Contract development

Design for Excellence

We have deep knowledge in planning design verification and validation activities in a cost effective & compliant way. Our Design for Excellence guidelines ensure shorter overall development cycles coupled with lower manufacturing costs.

Contract development

Flexibility in R&D

We have our engineering and manufacturing teams under one roof, which enables close cooperation during design and development. We can implement new design iterations rapidly and undertake pilot production in low to mid volume, or even in a single batch.