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Contract Manufacturing
at the highest level

MedRes specializes in providing comprehensive and flexible manufacturing services for medical device production. Our All-in-One partner support and Always Find a Solution approach ensure customer satisfaction.

We provide manufacturing services in a Class 8 Cleanroom and controlled manufacturing areas. Our production is supported by a climate-controlled warehouse and a fully equipped metrology laboratory. Our team of highly skilled engineers, technicians and operators is able to produce and test medical devices with the highest level of care and precision.

Contract manufacturing services

Flexibility is key in meeting the manufacturing needs of our clients. We offer a range of services, from small to high volume production. We accommodate the needs of any size customer, from early-stage medical device design and development, pilot production for testing and trials, to larger scale production and manufacturing. We use production techniques and technology that can easily be adjusted to scale production capacity up or down.

We constantly analyze existing manufacturing processes and implementing changes to improve efficiency, quality and cost. This iterative process involves identifying and understanding the needs of the customer, designing and implementing the manufacturing process to meet those needs, and monitoring and evaluating the process to ensure its continued success and customer satisfaction.

We provide further flexibility in manufacturing through the design and manufacture of specialized production tools. We can create specialized tools tailored to our production needs in house, reducing costs and saving time.

As design and production demand stabilize, automated and semi-automated production systems can reduce labor costs while increasing production speeds, ultimately leading to increased cost efficiency and profitability.

Broad manufacturing capabilities

Contract manufacturing

LEAN philosophy and Design for Excellence

Our team continuously works on manufacturing process and design improvement projects by applying Lean philosophy and Design for Excellence guidelines.

Contract manufacturing

Quality is our first priority in manufacturing

Quality and Manufacturing teams collaborate to ensure products meet specifications. We customize robust documentation packages for customer needs.