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Creating value: Lean methodology


In accordance with the company renewal and the increasing number of commercial products being manufactured, we are implementing ’Lean methodology’ at MedRes. Lean methodology is a way of optimizing our people, resources, efforts and energy towards creating value for the customer.

It is based on two guiding principles:

  • Respecting people by taking into consideration their ideas and opinions and
  • Removing all elements out of processes and activities that do not create value.

This is how „value”, „customer” and „loss” are defined in Lean methodology:

  • Added value is always determined from the customer point of view, either it is an internal customer (meaning another department of the company) or an external buyer.
  • Customer can be a person, another process in the company or another enterprise that uses the output (actual product or service) of the given process.
  • Loss includes overproduction, overstocking, stock shortage, idling and minor stops, process defects, equipment failure, setup and adjustments, reduced speed and reduced yield that need to be detected, decreased or terminated.

Implementation will be supported by professional training for the whole company. As a result, all employees will be able to apply Lean methodology tools in their everyday work to help us continuously develop processes and increase our efficiency.