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Insights from an Employee Perspective: Why I Love Working Here by Balázs Varga

My Experience as a Procurement Team Member at Medres

For the past 2.5 years, I have been a member of Medres’ Procurement team, where my duties include managing engineering orders, facilitating import/export processes for both raw materials and finished products, and providing production support as needed. Working collaboratively with my colleagues on the purchasing team, we continuously strive to optimize the ordering process while seeking cost reductions for the various engineering orders and projects we manage.

Why I Enjoy Working Here: Being a Key Component

Feeling like a necessary and significant cog in a machine is why I love working at this company. Without my contribution, the cogwheel would rattle and falter. Besides, I also value building relationships and meaningful human interactions while I prefer being active and dislike sitting in front of a computer all day. 

Creative Problem Solving: No Such Thing As Not Having Something

In my job, I always provide recommendations and never consider an item to be unavailable. Learning about engineering and suggesting replacements took time, but the engineers taught and shared their expertise, and continue to do so. Positive relationships with them are crucial for maintaining trust and respect, especially with the high volume of orders. This leads to a more efficient and smoother process.

The Thrill of Achieving Accurate Customs Clearance

In my role, I’m responsible for customs clearance of high-value items integrated into medical equipment, requiring compliance with strict regulations and exceptional attention.  Getting it right the first time is crucial to prevent time wasted on follow-up complaints. I relish every moment in achieving seamless and cost-effective customs clearance as it frees up funds for my company to allocate elsewhere.

Medres is the Place to Be

At our company, a family-oriented culture is nurtured to encourage employees to communicate with their superiors regarding their concerns. Leadership is dedicated to providing a comfortable and productive workplace by supporting employee growth through training, financial and human resource assistance, and setting clear expectations. The team is collaborative and supportive, with a shared passion for achieving success together. With the company expanding and an excellent team to join, it offers job security, competitive compensation, and a people-centered work culture. Every day as I arrive at work, I have a clear understanding of my responsibilities and the rewards that come with them.

Join the Medres Team: Who We Are Looking For

Ideal Medres candidates are effective communicators, team players, committed to task completion, and welcome challenges. Energy, passion and ability to perform the job duties are what matter. This is the right time to join us. Medres is a small but growing company, with a vision of global expansion. Belief and commitment are required to be a part of this challenging journey, with management providing full support. Ultimately, Medres is the company with a future.