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Our role

We offered robust engineering and prototyping support to the iKnife team. Within the first two weeks of the project, the first prototypes of the iKnife had been produced, and in line with MediMass’ request, 1000 iKnife blades of various types were manufactured for the purposes of evaluation and testing.

MediMass’ innovative system was subsequently purchased by Waters Corporation, a company we continue to support in their design and testing of new device generations, helping them to address evolving clinical and commercial needs.


iKnife (MediMass Ltd.)

Product description

iKnife is a special surgical device that, by using rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (REIMS), identifies biological tissues during surgery. Using this technology provides real-time information which allows HCPs to deduce whether tissue contains cancer cells. Such information allows the operating surgeon to remove all cancer cells whilst reducing the damage caused to nearby healthy tissues, resulting in shorter and less expensive surgical procedures.

Our role

Thermal Release Polymer Electrode .


EnSeal (SurgRX)

Product description

Tissue Sealer.