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Our Founding Story


by Mr. Tass Adorján, one of the founders and current Director of Business Development of MedRes

It all started in 1999 when two Hungarian medical experts named Mr. Csaba Truckai and Mr. Tass Adorján met in the United States. Both had been working in the industry for several years before and shared the desire to create a company that served the development needs of Silicon Valley medical startups at the highest level.

Their primary challenge was that in Silicon Valley, the cradle of technical innovation, hiring local, skilled engineers for a development project was extremely costly. Consequently, they found a new approach. Hungary offered a high capacity of knowledgeable engineers who could fulfill the two entrepreneurs’ high expectations. Moreover, labor costs were significantly lower, thus more employees could be hired to speed up the development process.

This approach provided a competitive advantage for startups such as theirs to launch novel technology with rapid time to market. Over the following years, they entrusted Hungarian subcontractor companies with several different development projects. In 2005, the success in working with Hungarian suppliers encouraged Mr Truckai and Mr Adorján to found their own research, development and later manufacturing company for the medical technology sector – a company that went on to be called MedRes.