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Our Partners

We collaborate with various clinical and academic institutions to pursue our mission in medical device development. Through combined expertise, we develop comprehensive solutions to move diagnosis and therapy forward.

Our Customers

Experience our journey with the diverse clients we’ve served across various medical specialties.We’ve partnered with clients like Minerva and Meditrina in gynecology, supported airway management through Innomask, and contributed to cardiovascular advancements with Cardiosight. Our collaboration with Millingator is reshaping mechanical tissue removal, while our work with Thermosurgery is pushing the frontiers in gastrointestinal treatments.

Scientific Partnerships

We proudly collaborate with esteemed institutions worldwide, including Semmelweis University, John von Neumann University, University of Debrecen, and Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary. Additionally, we have partnerships with renowned institutions in the USA, such as Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Semmelweis University

Birgham and Women's Hospital

University of Szeged

John von Neumann University

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Boston Children's Hospital

Software Development Alliance

and CSR Collaboration

Expanding our software development expertise, we’ve established a close partnership with Argus Cognitive, Inc. This includes a specialized R&D team located in Budapest, Hungary, which bolsters our capacity for innovation. Beyond our technical endeavors, we’re also dedicated to social responsibility, actively supporting the Kék Erdő Alapítvány, an organization committed to aiding children and adults living with sensory processing disorders.

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