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Research and development of an ultrasound-guided electronic tissue removal technology and device (for hysterectomy surgeries)

Project ID: 2018-1.1.2-KFI-2018-00145
Program:  2018-1.1.2-KFI
Grant amount: 198 630 459 HUF
Project end: 2022.03.31.

Minimal Invasive Surgeries (MIS) have dramatically changed the treatment of a wide range
of gynecological diseases over the past few decades. Compared to open surgeries,
advantages of MIS are evident, fewer complications, better cosmetic results, quicker patient
recovery and quality of life improvement. However, besides the significant benefits that MIS
procedures provide, there are risks and challenges associated to the removal of resected
tissues. In case of hysterectomies, the uterus is typically too large to be removed in a single
piece through the small incision that is made for laparoscopic instruments. This results in
using power morcellators to cut bigger pieces of tissue into smaller ones inside the
abdominal cavity for easy removal.

Recently, serious concerns in connection with power morcellators have emerged. Reports
showed evidence for unexpected spreading of malign tumors, like sarcoma and
adenocarcinoma following the use of power morcellators. This prompted FDA to issue
warnings and recommendations about performing laparoscopic power morcellation for
myomectomy or hysterectomy only with a tissue containment system.

MedRes’ technology eliminates this risk and allows tissue to be safely removed through the
vagina. Tissue morcellation is performed inside the uterine cavity using the remaining outer
layer of the uterus (serosa) as a sealed ’bag’. Thereby, patients with gynecological diseases
can benefit from MIS without the risks of the current procedure.